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   To treat the whole patient – healing the body while respecting spiritual beliefs and patient rights.

   We believe in patient’s choice and patient rights. Our goal is to make each patient an informed, active participant in his or her health care decisions. We believe in working together in caring for others.

Welcome to Our Services!

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   We strive to provide the best patient care possible by tailoring to the patients personal needs and medical condition.
   We would like to make the patients comfortable by sending them medical professionals that truly care about their condition and want to help them get well in the comfort of their own home

The hallmark qualities we look for in selecting employees are:

“Working Together, Caring for Others”

Dear Friend,

Before Incare Home Healthcare was established we were a Nursing and Respiratory Medical Agency named Fozzard Services, Inc., which was started in 1997.  Fozzard Services supplied hospitals primarily throughout Chicago area. Hospitals such as Mercy, University of Chicago, St. Margaret’s Hospital, Ingall’s Hospital, Methodist Hospitals, St. Catherine’s Hospital and all other hospitals in our area with medical staff- primarily Nurses.  Since 1997, Fozzard Services was the preferred nursing agency with St. Margaret’s and many other hospitals in our area for many years.  We have established a reputation of providing competent, compassionate, reliable staff. 

In 1997, when I was setting up the business, I was advised that it was not in my best interest to do it.  Because I was a Native American and grew up extremely humble conditions, people thought I would not succeed.  Although I was poor, it was always my dream and goal to open my own medical agency.  I wanted to open a business to create high paying jobs for nurses and also excellent care to the patient.  Because I was a Respiratory Therapist and lacked capital to pay staff, I worked 16 hour a day shifts 7 days a week to support the new business.  I would work 16 hours at one hospital then next day at another hospital 7 days a week.  I did that for many years to help care for patients in the hospital and run my business at the same time.  After Fozzard Services was established we received our SBD (8a) Small Business Minority Certification making our company one of the only Native American Medical Companies at that time.  Currently the statistics show that only 0.09% Small Businesses are Native American. 

In 2007, we diversified and opened Incare Home Healthcare, Inc.  Our mission is still the same, to provide you the best care possible, but now inside the home. As a homecare patient and if you meet medicare guidelines, Incare assures each of you that we will provide the best care possible. Our goal is to keep you healthy, happy and at home.

Jerry Lee Fozzard, CEO

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